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Generate leads you win more often than not.

Alignd is a GTM consultancy that helps established B2B tech firms build new top of funnel without sacrificing your win rate.

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The size and direction of your pipeline
(or, the measure of your go-to-market strategy)

Companies that struggle to have enough at-bats have a Momentum Gap.

Even though you're spending more on tech and doing more activities, for some unknown reason, you're missing pipeline targets.

That's where we come in.

Chart of the difference between your target revenue and your existing pipeline

What We Do

We help you close the Momentum Gap with our multiple domains of expertise across go-to-market strategy.

Find new qualified leads using your existing LinkedIn spend

You've got untapped pools of data already inside your company.

With your existing Sales Navigator and Sales Insights spend, we'll help you build a list of top targets using your existing data – and build a playbook for your sales team to reach them.

Break into top accounts with a new prospecting playbook

You've got a list of top priority accounts, but you're being ignored.

We'll work with your sales team for 90 days to change their approach to top accounts and break in quickly – and build a playbook that scales the new approach.

Fill your top of funnel with a new campaign

You've got a great product, but you're losing momentum in the market.

We'll work across your GTM team to create a new campaign to generate leads you win more often than not by combining our domains of expertise across marketing, sales, and success.


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